On Site Reports

We've gone completely digital! Pictures are included in the report. It is all there in an easy to read and understand format. Each component of the house is inspected and noted in the report, which is divided into easy to follow sections. These sections contain all of the detailed information about the inspectors findings. Your inspection report is completed electronically and sent to you to read on any device. You do not have to wait for the report, it is ready and you can review it with the inspector while you are still in the home. This is a great advantage because you can ask questions and have the inspector point out the actual issue to you in the home. This will give you great insight and understanding of any issues that are found.

Digital Photos

The inspector takes many digital photos while he is doing the inspection; mainly of items that are deficient, in need of repair or of special interest. The photos are downloaded and added to the report to add clarity ("a picture is worth a thousand words"). Photos will be especially useful to those clients that are unable to attend the inspection.

Home Inspection in Delta



Our inspections comply with the standards of practice of the Home Inspectors Association of BC (HIABC) and we comply with the Associations Code of Ethics.
More information on the home inspection industry may be obtained by contacting HIABC at 1-800-610-5665 or www.hiabc.ca We carry errors and omissions and commercial liability insurance.

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