Mold Building Home Inspection

The first step consists of examining the building to fix the sources of mold and bacteria contamination.
Each examination is finished with the best thoroughness and the most astounding demonstrable skill by a qualified master had some expertise in an indoor situation. We don't utilize specialists to carry out this activity. Just an expert with an affair of several structures can have the vital ability to recognize the reasons for microbial sullying (form and microscopic organisms), translate the got outcomes, lastly think of the suitable arrangements.
Observations, measures, and verifications are duly noted and detailed for each site investigated.
Each investigation includes the following services and measures : C02 monitor, A general sight of the house/building detected odours upon arrival, Evaluation of general and specific rooms, Geographic location and draining, Relative humidity, temperature, and dew point of ambient measured with a high precision electronic psychrometer, The moisture content of materials (gypsum, plaster, underfloor, wood, concrete.), Usage of fibre optic boroscope to see them in tight places (ventilation, inside of walls), Walls and windows temperature measures to confirm condensation occurring on materials with an infrared thermometer on the thermal camera, Carbon dioxide (CO2) ratio measures to confirm air exchange, Type of ventilation (air exchanger, etc.), cleaning and operating advice, Digital pictures for report documentation, Thermographic inspection available.

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Our inspections comply with the standards of practice of the Home Inspectors Association of BC (HIABC) and we comply with the Associations Code of Ethics.
More information on the home inspection industry may be obtained by contacting HIABC at 1-800-610-5665 or We carry errors and omissions and commercial liability insurance.

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