Attic Home Inspection

The home attic inspection is dangerous. You may fall through a roof, harm completes, get an electric stun or disturb your lungs, eyes or skin with protection materials.
Attics can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Frequently, it is extremely hard to travel through the storage room, and the loft might be a home for feathered creatures and creatures you'd rather not meet. You should look for creature droppings, which may represent a wellbeing peril. You may be startled by bats, racoons, squirrels, mice and other animals, causing you to lose footing or step carelessly, putting a foot through a ceiling. Bees, hornets and other stinging insects also can spoil your inspection.
It includes: Attic Access, Access Hatches, Opening Access Hatches, Hatches Screwed, Nailed or Painted Shut, Use Gloves to Avoid Fingerprints, Don’t Dismantle Shelves, Drop Cloths and Vacuum Cleaners, Stairwells to Attics, Safety, Pull-Down Stairs, Insulating Cover

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Our inspections comply with the standards of practice of the Home Inspectors Association of BC (HIABC) and we comply with the Associations Code of Ethics.
More information on the home inspection industry may be obtained by contacting HIABC at 1-800-610-5665 or We carry errors and omissions and commercial liability insurance.

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